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Simple web designs for small businesses in Sierra Leone

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Sierra Leone Web Designers’ philosophy is: have an agency providing low cost designs to small local businesses, leave the elaborate and costly web designing for big cooperation and those who can afford it.

By making this clear distinction, we hope to elevate the need for a small business to go through the same channels -and costs- as big corporations do. After all, their needs are very different and it is unfair (resulting also to exclusion more than often) to ask a small income business to pay the average fees of web designing and web hosting. More so in Sierra Leone that is still based on small enterprises to be the backbone of the economy.

Our fair selection of custom designs will cover the needs of small businesses and when they are ready to upgrade, the can easily do so. At least they will not have to pay the upgraded services from their first step into online marketing but will have the choice of when and how.

Call us for an appointment to see some custom designs and examples of previous work to know which design suites your need most.


Simple web designs for small businesses in Sierra Leone

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